Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Say Tomato…

It’s official. Summer is finally here! Do you know how I know? I had my first tomato. My very first, you say? Well, I had my very first tomato worth eating of this year. It was a plain old beefsteak from the market and it was delicious. Bright red, bursting with juice and the flavor of pure summer, biting into this pure delight made me wonder why I even bother with the pale, pink, mealy slices that end up on my sandwiches throughout the rest of the year. In truth, the month of August and early September is really the only time that we should be eating tomatoes… that is, if you are trying to find real food! Tomatoes in season are probably the most delicious treats you could imagine. I like mine with just a little sea salt and maybe a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Of course you CAN eat tomatoes at any other time of the year. That is the American way. You can eat tomatoes from Chile in February that have been picked while they are green so they don’t bruise or become damaged on their long journey to your plate, but why bother? They don’t taste halfway decent, they cost a lot more, and too many fossil fuels have been burnt on their travels.

Eating local and seasonal is the best way to find real food. Jon and I ventured out to the farmers market this past weekend and loaded up on local tomatoes and peaches. As peach juice dripped down my elbow on the walk home, I proclaimed, “That peach was in the top 5 best peaches I ever ate”. Last week I thought I was eating enough blueberries to turn into one, Willy Wonka style. And that, my friends, IS how to find real food. Chant these three words with me…local, seasonal, and organic! Now hurry and go and eat a tomato while you can!


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  2. Awesome!

    We got some beefstakes from a farm in Chelan county last week at the West Seattle Farmer's market, and picked our first from our garden this weekend.

    Which farmer's market do you and Jon go to?

  3. Just picked my first ripe one today! Stupice is the first to ripen in my garden this year.
    Before I know it I'll be cursing myself for planting so many.

  4. Mark,
    Jon and I go to the Phinney Ridge market on Fridays and the Wallingford market on Wednesdays. I have been meaning to get to Ballard on Sunday! We are so lucky to have such amazing farmers markets in Seattle!

    Wright Family- I bet your garden is AMAZING! Our tomatoes aren't quite ready yet but my lovely neighbors have shared so much out of their garden already! Artichokes, beets, carrots, arugula, fresh herbs, and zucchini! Yum!

    Thanks for reading and keep eating real food!! :)

  5. Sarah,

    Ballard's the best of the bunch in Seattle, as far as we're concerned. We do West Seattle many weekends, and have done University District and Ballard (of course), Fremont when they advertised a farmers' market there, and Cascade (my wife did a write-up about it last year).

    She's been wanting to do Columbia City on a Wednesday some time.