Monday, December 6, 2010

Brain Food

Today kind of sucked. It’s finals week and I’m tired and cranky. I have been studying all weekend and all day and I am officially over it. The only thing that keeps me going during times like this is sugar-laden treats and knowing that it will all be over soon. After dinner tonight I might have whipped up some chocolate chip cookies or eaten an entire Theo chocolate bar, but with all this studying and with the holidays around the corner I thought I would do something good for my brain and my body and make a dessert that wasn’t so sinful.

Tada! Date and Walnut Balls. These walnut balls are so delicious, try making them as one of your Christmas cookies this year, people wont even realize that they are good for you. They also make great lunch box treats for kids!

They are a variation on Cynthia Lair’s Date Pecan Bon Bons, I just substituted walnuts for pecans because walnuts are super high in omega 3 fatty acids. You brain loves omega 3s, 60% of it is made from them. I figured I could use all the help I could get tomorrow on my Food Science final! Wish me luck!

Don't they look delicious? They kinda remind me of the SNL skit with Alex Baldwin. If you don't know the one...


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  2. Oh those look yummy!! Can you do this with something other than pecans and walnuts you think?

    I actually brought you over a latke to help with the study blues but no one was home. :( I even swirled the carmel just so.

  3. Emily, you could try any nut or seed. Almonds would be delicious! :)

  4. I like that this recipe has miso in it! I use dates pretty often as a sugar substitute and I love it. ...I actually saw that skit last week -- too funny! Hope your final went well and that you are having a lovely break.