Monday, March 14, 2011

Always Be Prepared…

(Lunch for today...brown rice, beans, and veggies)

So I knew that today was going to be a busy day. I need to be at school early to get some work done, I am tutoring a group of students in biochemistry, then off to babysit for the evening. On days like today I have got to plan ahead if I want to eat healthfully. Meal planning is a big part of my life; don’t think that I would have been able to accomplish the whole grain challenge without it. Usually Jon and I sit down on Sunday and figure out what we want to eat for the next few days. We grocery shop accordingly, cook delicious meals together and I pack the leftovers for lunch.

Last night we had black bean burritos, and I’m taking the leftovers with me today. I made a little brown rice to accompany my beans; now I have a complete meal and whole grain to blog about!

Brown rice is pretty awesome. There was a recent study done at the Harvard School of Public Health that followed almost 200,000 people for 22 years examined their diets. The researchers concluded that substituting two or more servings of brown rice with equal amount of white rice on a weekly basis lowered the risk of type II diabetes by 16 percent! Seems like a no brainer to me, brown rice is where its at!

Brown rice is one grain that we make quite often in our house, with beans, curry, stir fries, and so much more. I have even made sushi with brown rice, see my earlier post: White Girl Makes Sushi. There are over 140,000 varieties of rice and there is no end to the meals you could make, you can even make rice pudding for dessert! What are your favorite rice recipes?

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