Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whole Grain Challenge!

Okay readers. I am changing it up. I have been stuck in a MAJOR rut when it comes to blogging, cooking, and eating. I need a kick in the pants. I need some variety in my life. This whole school and dietetic internship thing has taken its toll on me and I need some revitalization. Spring break is coming and I am running a half marathon in 10 days; I sure could use some whole grain goodness to push me though those 13 miles to the finish line, therefore I have decided to take on a “Whole Grain Challenge!” I am not talking about Kashi cereal or any of that nonsense. I am talking about the real deal. I have decided for the sake of my sanity and my palate to embark on a mission. I will eat a different whole grain every day for 7 days. Starting tomorrow. I will blog about it for your reading pleasure and anyone who would like to join me in this mission is more than welcome. From my grainy adventure, you will learn about the wonderful health benefits of each grain and all that goodness that you have come to know and love on How to Find Real Food. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Sarah! This sounds great. I would love to figure out what to do with the bulgur wheat and quinoa I have sitting in pretty glass jars. They look nice, but we are going to have to eat them soon. I don't know if I could do one a day - but I would certainly be willing to try!

  2. Sarah, Thanks for reading! You should certainly stay tuned because because I am posting a recipe for quinoa today! Good luck!