Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snack Time

Looking for an easy way to include more whole grains in your diet? This afternoon it was all about easy. I was looking for a little snack this afternoon as I worked on some projects and finished up some schoolwork. It was pouring out again (spring in Seattle) and Jon and I kicked back and relaxed on the couch with a delicious whole grain snack. Now, when I told Jon that I was doing the whole grain challenge, he fussed a little bit as he likes to do when I tell him about any “health food” on our menu. But the thing is, he actually eats and enjoys all of it. I mean, what is not to love about popcorn? Yes that is right, popcorn is a whole grain and it touts many of the health benefits and high fiber that other grains do. The problem with popcorn is generally the way that it is made. At the movie theater it is drenched in hydrogenated oil and salt. When I make it at home I have a few tricks up my sleeve that make it healthy and delicious. Here are a few of my favorite toppings: What are yours?

(We picked this up at Pike Place Market a few weeks ago. It is amazing on popcorn, and a much healthier topping than "Movie Theater Butter")
(Nutritional yeast gives popcorn a nutty, cheesy flavor. It is also contains B vitamins, including B12, which is usually just found in animal products, and protein)

(Tada! A little sea salt and other toppings of choice and in about 3 minutes you have a whole grain snack ready to go!)

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  1. What great timing!
    This a renewed fun treat that Hans and I have been making for snacks. We don't have a microwave so we are forced to eat the good stuff.